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Advice For Moving Forward Toward Your Dream

I’m honored to be a guest today on Tammy Helfrich’s podcast, Right Where You Are. I share my story about adoption, becoming a writer, leaving my corporate job, and a little bit about Start to Write (formerly Eight Essentials). I encourage you guys to pop on over and check it out.

A few of the quotable moments:

“Between Mark and God…well, not that they’re really the same, but…well…uh…”

“You find your limit by reaching beyond it, and, well, dropping some balls.”

“You matter. Take care of yourself.” (anyone who knows my affinity for the Burger King Big Fish sandwich with added cheese will understand why this is funny.)

“I found out I’m a morning person pretty much by accident.”

But Tammy and I got serious about encouraging people, too:

“When you’re in motion, you attract opportunities and see new paths.”

“Set yourself aside and serve. Build friendships, not scorecards.”

“It’s more fun to celebrate someone else’s success than your own.”

What’s your big dream?  How did (or will) you build momentum and move forward? Leave a comment…



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