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Day 1 – Sunday, 6 August, 2006

Masha’s first day began on no more than 6 hours of sleep, having hit the hay at about 2:00 AM. She was up and playing quietly in her room when we woke up at 8:00 this morning! Masha and I went downstairs to make coffee and get some breakfast together. A quick response to “Chai eelee Sok” and the first juicebox made its exit from the stockpile! I boiled some water, made a double batch of instant oatmeal, and Mark emerged just in time to offer Masha a choice of white or brown sugar (she went with white). Once Mark […]

Masha’s Arrival – Saturday, 5 August, 2006

Well, we have just said Good Night to Masha’s first full day in the US….and ALL are exhausted! Masha arrived in Fort Wayne at about midnight last night with her group from Ukraine. Seven children, aged 6-12, travelled nearly 40 hours with their escorts, Natalia and Max, to stay in Fort Wayne for the next three weeks. The group began their journey with an overnight train trip to Kiev, where they boarded a Delta flight to JFK. After clearing immigration and customs in New York, the group boarded a final Delta flight to Indianapolis, where they were met by the […]