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Day 6 – Friday, 11 August, 2006

Friday morning, Mark and I both needed to catch up on a little bit of work, so we explained via the online translator. Masha gobbled up a bowl of Raisin Bran (her request!) and then played for about an hour on her own while we both made phone calls and replied to emails. Today’s schedule called for us to all meet up at Science Central at 10:00. Although we were there for only 2 hours, the kids really packed a lot in. They crawled through a “dark” room where it was pitch black—dark enough that Mark used the camera flash […]

Day 5 – Thursday, 10 August, 2006

This morning was a little more organized, and I was up and showered before Masha woke up….after about 3 hours sleep on the basement couch. After taking care of a bit of work and making sure that everything was covered, Masha and I got some breakfast (OK, Masha got Rasin Bran – her choice – and I got a vat of Starbucks House Blend). Mark, Masha, and I packed up and headed out the door, with a stop by Becky’s to pick up Masha’s swimsuit. After ESL and a craft, we all headed out to Fox Island County Park, where […]

Day 4 – The Birthday Party – Wednesday, 9 August, 2006

Day camp began today! Following a breakfast of oatmeal with raisins, we departed on time for camp. Imagine it….the Niles family on time for something? The only problem was that I forgot both her sunglasses and her sack lunch! Oooops! Once everyone arrived, Anna got everyone together to get to know each other. As a combination ESL and introduction, all the kids sat in a semicircle and introduced themselves. The Ukranian kids had to say “Hi. My name is…. What is your name?” and then the other kid replied “My name is …” and then go introduce themselves to the […]

Day 3 – Tuesday, 8 August, 2006

Wow….this full-time-parenting thing is really catching up with us! It’s 11:51, and I’m finally getting to posting today’s update. I’ve been tidying and catching up on work since Masha went to bed around 9, and I now understand why all you parents are always exhausted…..but I wouldn’t change this experience for the world! Today began with Masha up, dressed, and bed made before Mark and I heard her again! After oatmeal and an apple juice, Masha disappeared back upstairs to finish coloring. Mark and I took care of a few grown-up details, and then it was BIKE TIME! Mark and […]

Day 2 – Monday, 7 August, 2006

We have learned that Masha is a very quiet riser…We awoke at about 7:30 and listened, expecting to hear her when she got up and around. We finally began making a little noise at 8:00. A little noise came back from behind her door…she had been awake for quite some time. In fact, she had already made her bed, tidied her already tidy room, and was quietly coloring. Breakfast of apple juice, double oatmeal, and a banana disappeared in short order, and Masha disappeared upstairs for a few minutes. Before I finished putting her bowl in the diswasher, she reappeared […]